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The Review of


Volume 42


Editor in Chief
Mary M. Jones

Managing Editor
Thomas E. Salyer

Chief Articles Editor
Will Conway

Chief Research Editor
Jacques W. Friedman

Chief Symposium Editor
W. Seth Cook

Articles Editor
Adam MacKenzie

Administrative Editor
Caitlin Boland

Online Editors
Roshni Mahendru
Umema Syed

Chief Notes Editor
Caroline Thomas

Chief Online Editor
Nisa R. Sheikh

Notes Editor
Augustus Talkington

Research Editor
Andrew Monioudis

Staff Editors

Sofia Alcina

Julia W. Boyce

Michael W. Brown

Monica C. Brown

Joshua Bucheister

Emily Chang

Sarah Chavey

Alejandra Chavira

Grace M. Darrah

Andrew Donchak

Emily Eagle
Hannah Fassler
Julia B. Greer
Tim Harris
Beebs Hartzell
Fatima Jamal
Phil McCarthy
Allie McIntosh
Donald E. Olmos
Christopher Ooley
Alex M. Orlov
Audrey Paetzel

Caroline C. Peck
Rachel Perry
Sophia Philips
Bradden Pippin
Charlotte Swart
Hayden Tiner
Adam Trevino
Courtney Weber
Alison Welch
Eleanor Withers

Paul Goldman

Faculty Advisor
Patrick Woolley

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