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The Review of Litigation is seeking submissions of articles, comments, or reviews relating to modern litigation issues.

Article Specifics for The Review

Topics: The Review, our printed publication, publishes articles addressing issues relevant to modern litigation. We seek articles that advance academic scholarship and address the practical issues affecting litigators and judges. We prefer to focus on arguments, issues, and points of view that have not yet received national attention, and would be helpful to lawyers situated throughout the country.

Length: The Review seeks articles ranging from 30-60 pages. However, The Review considers every article on its own merits and does not discriminate either for or against any article based on length.

Deadline: The Review publishes Winter and Spring issues, and accepts submissions on a rolling basis.

Article Specifics for The Brief

Topics: The Brief, our online publication, publishes articles with a variety of content types touching on modern litigation issues. Additionally, The Brief seeks response pieces to the articles published online.

Length: The Brief seeks articles ranging from 5–20 pages. In particular, we are seeking concise, well-written, and timely pieces that will be helpful to practitioners throughout the country.

Deadline: The Brief publishes online articles throughout the year, and accepts submissions on a rolling basis.

Electronic Submissions

For The Review, please submit articles to Scholastica and student pieces to for review.

For The Brief, please send all electronic submissions to

Review Period

We try to respond to submissions within three weeks of receiving them. Each submission will be subjected to a rigorous and thorough review and preemption check. Therefore, a response may be delayed.

If an article has been accepted by another journal please request expedited review by emailing us at for articles submitted to The Review, or for articles submitted to The Brief. Please provide your name, the name of your article, and the name of the journal that has offered you publication, and we will attempt to comply with your request as soon as possible. 

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