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Every year, The Review of Litigation publishes a symposium edition of the journal. Typically, The Review hosts a symposium where the authors of the edition are invited to speak and engage with our greater law-school community on the content of their articles. Below, please find an archive of our recent symposia.

Symposium 2021: Qualified Immunity

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were unable to hold our symposium this year.  We have included the following page to give our speakers the chance to share what they had prepared.

Somil Trivedi

American Civil Liberties Union

Somil Trivedi is a Senior Staff Attorney in the Criminal Law Reform Project, working closely with the ACLU’s Campaign for Smart Justice. Somil is focused on prosecutorial and criminal law reform litigation, policy, and advocacy. Somil submitted this video, which addresses how Monell liability interacts with qualified immunity. The Monell doctrine is required to enjoin entire offices, and will hold an entire municipality liable for a single officer’s actions. Somil discusses how fixing both qualified immunity and Monell liability is vital to criminal justice reform. 

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