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The Review of Litigation recognizes and thanks the following sponsors for their generous financial support.


Become a Sponsor

If you or your firm would like to contribute to The Review of Litigation, we encourage you to donate online or contact us at

Journal fiscal management poses unique challenges for our full time law students. Fiscal expenses include:

  • Editing and administrative resources: specialized editing and pre-press software, computers, long-distance telephone, express shipping, copier rental, toner, paper

  • Printing and shipping: distribution and shipping of print issues, providing complimentary author copies and reprints

  • Marketing: website management, online credit card payment management, digests, posted abstracts, article archives

  • Development: annual staff recruitment and award recognition, banquets with alumni and guest speaker

Your contribution will relieve these distracting pressures so our talented students may focus on the critical pursuit of journal productivity. Contributions to The Review of Litigation are tax-deductible, and the Law School will provide a receipt with the applicable 501(c)(3) codes. All contributions will be noted in the Dean's Townes Hall Notes alumni magazine.

All donations go solely toward the operations costs of the journal. If you would like to make a donation for a specific purpose, please indicate this on the check, or on a letter accompanying the donation.

We think you will be impressed with the results and proud to be associated with The University of Texas School of Law. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

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